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Emergency Estimates

We want to assure you that during these times of concerns, related to the Coronavirus, that we are fully prepared to continue business as usual for you. We have taken extensive steps to assure that our estimators can work from the office, or from home, if need be, to assure that we will do everything in our control to continue to provide you your estimates On Time – Every Time! We have also hired extra estimators to make sure that if we temporarily lose a team member due to the virus that we can continue to serve you uninterrupted and without delay. We understand that the timing of estimates may be disrupted if you have a team member fall ill and temporarily cannot meet your demand. That is what we are here for, to fill in that gap, and also work alongside you and your estimating staff to assure that you also do not miss a step with your clients. Please continue to follow our Blog and follow us on Social Media as we continue to provide updates and industry pertinent information to this temporary situation we are all in. This isn’t the first inconvenience we have faced as an industry, nor will it be the last, but as a team we can all get through this together.

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