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Competition is fierce out there! You need a team of EXPERTS on your side that knows what it takes to WIN bids, and make a PROFIT!

Since 1982 the principle, and staff, at On Time Estimating have been in the Electrical Industry. From the field to the office, we bring that experience to you!

We are former Electricians, PM's, Project Estimators and Contractors, that use our knowledge and experience to deliver to you the winning difference that will have you outshining the competition every time!

We are not your typical estimating company, we come with hands on experience and knowledge in all facets of the Electrical Industry. We are not a group of people that just decided to learn a piece of software one day and start an estimating company, we have the know-how as to how to put a job together, in and out of the office. This gives you the advantage of knowing that when we supply you an estimate, we give you a unique perspective of an Estimator, Project Manager and an Electrician, all in one, which will always give you the winning edge!

Give us a try today and experience what others already know…. With our Experience, Knowledge, Dedication and Determination….You WILL be the beneficiary to a winning and profitable partner in your endeavors!

On Time Estimating can assist you from job inception to completion.

Construction Worker
  • Electrical Estimator

  • Budgetary Bids

  • Hard Bids

  • Isolated Take Offs

  • Itemized Cost Breakdowns

  • Change Orders

  • Dealing Direct With Your Vendors

  • Pre-Bid Meetings

  • Job Site Meetings *Additional costs may be associated with this.*

  • And more!

Contact us today to discuss pricing. All quotes are specialized based upon the size and scope of work required.




This is ideal for the contractor that is too busy to spend any time on the bid, but wants in! We can deal direct with your vendors in obtaining all quotes. We will answer any questions they may have in the process, and perform cost comparisons between vendors to get you the most competitive quote to win the bid! 


Upon completion, we will then work with you to obtain the appropriate labor costs, worker fractions, overhead, profit and margins, based upon your company, workforce, project and timing. Since 1982 we have been calculating these margins that work ideally for each and every contractor, from the Mom and Pop size, to the contractor that employs 100’s of employees.

With this option you would get an extension of your company that can assume the roles of 2 – 3 employees. - *From Estimating* - *To Admin* - *To Follow Up* - *To Follow Through* - *To Close Out*



With this option we can work hand in hand with your estimator(s) to assist them in completing an estimate that they may not have the time to get done by themselves. We can act in any capacity that may be required to get the job done!



With a take-off only, we will provide you with all the miscellaneous material and labor hours to complete the job. This is ideal for the contractor that just needs a little assistance in completing a bid that he/she may be too busy to get to, but wants to get in on the bid! 



If you are looking for full time estimating solutions for your firm, we can provide cost competitive options, based upon your needs. 

Construction Workers Silhouette

I would like to thank you for being there when I need an estimate out quick, which is often, “Johnny on the spot”.
To date, all the estimates you have given me have been accurate and well presented. Very detailed, which I like, makes it easier to read. I have used other outside estimators and you my friend are by far the best. Keep up the good work and thanks again for being there when I need you.


Jack Sanzeri


All Service Electric of Fort Myers

AColby Electric, Inc. is a Colorado-based electrical contractor emphasizing small to medium sized commercial projects.  When our estimator decided to follow his degree in Electrical Engineering, we began looking high and low for a knowledgeable and experienced Estimator to step into that role for us.  When we were introduced, and learned about the services available from On Time Estimating, we vetted their capabilities and agreed to use their services.

They took the time to ask questions so they could understand our business and our goals.  Based on those discussions, and the detailed effort they invested in using their bid preparation software, the first bid they prepared was very competitive with the other bids received. 

Since then, On Time Estimating has prepared multiple job quotes for us and our capture rate for the jobs they bid is well within industry standards. Recently On Time Estimating helped us assess our cost structure to find opportunities to improve the competitiveness of our bids even more.

Their depth of knowledge and judgement, as well as their commitment to our business success, has resulted in the establishment of the trust needed for a solid business relationship.  Without hesitation, we endorse On Time Estimating and their services.


Tim Smith

AColby Electric

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