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Economy impacting you?

We have economic situations in motion that can impact the construction industries prosperity, and cost us all profits. We have all heard of shortages in the supply chains and projects being delayed or cancelled due to this. Unfortunately, some of our clients are having to lay off employees in all departments, especially in the estimating department, as estimators need to be working and winning jobs for you. We want to give you reassurance that On Time Estimating is still fully staffed and stronger than ever, with offices being opened around the Country and hiring accelerating according to plan. We can assist in every type of situation to continue to accelerate your growth, or keep it as is, but profitable. We have clients that run as a 1 person shop, and up to some of the largest EC’s that have several hundred+ employees. Regardless if you need us to assist your current staff, need a one time estimate, or looking to fulfill a permanent position, we are here for you just as we have been since 1982. We’re not here to replace your estimating staff, but to assist them, and you, in promoting your business with quality & precision, to win more bids! Contact us today to see if we may be a fit for you and you staff in its continued success! Even if you don’t need us right now, reach out anyways just so we may introduce ourselves to you so you have a better idea of what we can do for you. On Time Estimating… Your trusted partner in the electrical contracting industry since 1982! Contact us today at: 844-www-otebids (999-6832)

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