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Celebrating Over 36 Years!

Since 1982 we have been in the electrical industry working on and estimating all types and sizes of projects. For those of you that have been around long enough, you also remember the paper, pencil, ruler protocol of estimating, before technology kicked in.

For that, we thank you for your efforts and input that helped evolve this industry.

For those of you that were not around for those times, we thank you for your generations input that started the technology that made estimating a more precise and time effective task. At On Time Estimating we have been through all phases of this evolution, and have learned along the way to become better for you. We never stop learning, and educating ourselves, so we can provide to you the most cutting-edge knowledge, for the most competitive and precise estimates. Contact us today for a free cost quote to learn first-hand how we can assist you and your estimating staff, regardless of size, to bring in more profitable bids!

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