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Who We Are...

Experience – We have been in the Electrical Industry since 1982, both in and out of the field. We are here to be your “Go To” company to assist you in more winning & profitable jobs!

Accuracy in Estimating – Experience, Knowledge, Accuracy, Reliability! Just a few words that describe what you can expect from On Time estimating, as we personalize our services for you. More accurate estimating saves money, and increases profitability!

No Hourly Retainer or Packages Required - No contracts, No commitment. One bid at a time. You only pay for the project at hand.

1099 vs. W-2 Employee – Increase chances of winning more jobs by reducing costs and hiring On Time Estimating as a 1099 Sub-Contractor, as opposed to a W-2 Employee. No employee benefits to worry about, equals more cost savings that can be utilized to lower overhead and win more jobs!

We are not here to replace your estimators, but to assist them, and you, in the goal of profitability!

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