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Bid submitted. Now what?

There is so much more that goes into building a relationship with the GC, other than submitting your bid and moving on to the next one. You need to think of the GC like you think of your client base, which is to build a long-lasting relationship. How do we do that? Several ways….

  1. When you are invited to submit a bid, don’t just become another number, get to know the GC.

  2. If possible, ask for a face to face meeting at their office, or a lunch. After all, we all have to eat at some point in the day.

  3. If nothing else, a conference call is a step in the right direction to meet the decision makers.

  4. Do some research on the company before you have this meeting with them. Get to know the staff and their experiences so you can share your experiences that relates to what they do.

  5. Build that “Feel Good” relationship with them giving them confidence you ARE the right contractor for the job, even if you may come in a bit high.

These are just beginning steps to build that long lasting relationship that will bring prosperity to you, the GC and the clients that you work with along the way to mutual success!

I know we are all very busy, and some may not find the time to develop this type of relationship, however that is what we are here for! At On Time Estimating we offer a service where we will build these types of relationship for you, on your behalf. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in your endeavors to grow profitably, and build everlasting relationships!

(941) 343-2356 Ext. 2

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