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Why use our services?

Let’s take the example of how we can save you large amounts of money in the estimating process.

  • The average estimator makes between $60,000 - $100,000

  • You get our entire staff for about half that cost, or around $50,000

  • That would equate to roughly about $5,000,000 of projects estimated each year

  • If you get 50% of those bids, you win $ 2,500,000 of work

  • Taking an average profit margin 10% on $ 2,500,000, you would make $250,000 and you would have only spent around $50,000, or a 500% ROI

  • You also eliminate the training and turnover ratio of an in house estimator, which can add an additional 10%+ to the estimator’s salary

Now let’s compare that to hiring a new estimator:

  • Even at an entry level you are taking on a $60,000 annual salary

  • Now add in vacation, holidays, sick days, personal days, 401k, health ins., taxes, etc.. and you can add another 25% - 30% to that

  • You are now around almost $80,000 per year for an entry level in-house estimator

Please keep in mind, we are not here to replace your estimators, we are here to assist you, and them, in an overburdened work load that can lead to you missing valuable opportunities.

The above example is to illustrate how we can be of value to you to get you through these busy times, without having to incur the expense of hiring a new full-time estimator.

The last thing you, or your estimators, would want is to not have enough work for the new hire if things slow down, and having to let them go. Our services will assist you and your staff in meeting the demands, when the demand calls, without disrupting your current work flow for your in-house staff.

You can turn the work flow to us on or off anytime you like, as we will always be here for you. We can assist you on a part time or full-time basis.

Contact us today to see how we can be a profitable team member to you and your staff!

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