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Estimating & Planning....

These 2 go hand in hand and need to be addressed as such from inception, to the closing out of the project. Why you ask? Let’s take it in steps…

  • You entertain a project of interest, keeping in mind that the Scope Of Work is in the wheel house of experience and knowledge of your estimating staff.

  • If this is something you are not sure of, rest assured, with over 30 years’ experience and knowledge in the electrical industry, we can assist you in your endeavor. We can take the lead and provide you a Turn – Key estimate, or we can work with your current staff with an assist in the estimating process. Some of our customers use this approach as a training tool for their current staff, or for new estimators that need some additional training. For more information on this please contact us at 800-816-9130 Ext. 2, or at

  • Once the project is identified as one you are undertaking, you need to start to prep for the outcome of a successful winning bid, and staffing the project from your in-house staff, to field personnel, and that means your Estimator(s) & PM(s)

  • Now that does not mean that you need to get your PM involved at this point, but you do need to be mindful that if you provided the winning bid, they will need to work with one another.

  • There are times, depending on the size & scope of the project, that you will need to identify a lead PM for the project, if you are the winning bidder, and get them involved along with your estimator(s) from the start. Please contact us for additional information on this.

  • Estimators need to be able to convey their thought process as to how they perceived the job during the estimating process to the PM, so the PM has an idea as to the amount of materials and labor hours the estimator accounted for to complete the job.

  • As we all know, this does tend to change, especially if an estimator has no field experience, and to no fault of their own, could not perceive the unforeseen circumstances that can arise on a job, and usually do. One of the many benefits that On Time Estimating brings to you is that all our staff comes from a background in the field. We have the ability to view the project from a standpoint as a field installer and estimator, as opposed to being limited with means to have to rely on the plans alone.

  • Now that we are secure in our ability to estimate the project, either internally or using On time Estimating to do so, it is time to get to work!

  • If you decide to use On Time Estimating, we don’t just stop with delivering you an estimate. If you so desire, we can work with you from inception to close out, working with your internal staff, PM, Field personnel, etc…

To get more detailed explanations to these steps, and the many others that follow, please contact us and we would be more than happy to spend as much time as it takes to discuss this with you. Remember, at On Time Estimating, we NEVER charge for conversations, brain storming or cost quotes for estimates.

If you wish to discuss this now, please contact us direct at:

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