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Estimating Motor Control

We recently took a survey of our most active client base and found an alarming statistic…… Most EC’s are not getting involved in this highly lucrative division of the Electrical Industry!

Now we know that some do not have the experience in this sector, but most do, and we found out the following. About 20% said they were not sure their work force was experienced enough in this type of work, but 80% said they knew how to do the work, but were not sure how to estimate it. Almost 35% said they estimated it and done the work before, but lost money due to lack of experience in estimating this type of work.

This is a very specialized area of work, and because of such, requires additional knowledge and extra time to perform it, as there is a large portion of this that pertains to time consuming control and panel work. This does equate to higher margins and profitability, as it is simply what the market dictates for this specialized field.

Lack of competition and knowledge that goes into performing work of this nature, allows the client fiscal approval for such. If the work is not done properly and production halts, it can cost them millions of dollars a day, depending on the type of manufacturing they are in.

Don’t pass up these lucrative opportunities!

At On Time Estimating we have over 30 years’ experience and knowledge in the industry, including this very specialized area of work. We can assist you in becoming the beneficiary of a winning bid, and on your way to whole new, very profitable, division of your company.

Contact is today at:

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