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Many firms have come to grips with several realities that this industry has created for them:

  • They can’t keep up with the work load that this industry boom has created.

  • They are not in a fiscal position to take on an estimator, or another estimator on staff.

  • They need to satisfy the needs of their existing client base that kept them afloat during slow times, but now with busy times, they are having a hard time doing so.

  • They want to grow, and now is the time to do so, but the existing internal staff is not set up to take that leap to an expanded work load.

These, and many other reasons, are all part of those annoying growing pains we all go through. At On Time Estimating we have the knowledge, experience, know-how, and a team of dedicated personal, that can assist you in these times. When you bring us on board as a member of your team, we act in the capacity as an employee of yours, without all the overhead and expenses that can be related to trying to grow in busy times, to keep up with the need of the demand.

Just one of the many advantages of using us, is that you can stop any time you like, as opposed to having to let an employee go when you just can’t utilize them any longer. You can use us a much, or as little, as you like and only ever pay for the services rendered, and never any more. No long-term commitments, contracts, or packages to buy. We are here for you when you need us, from when you are in a pinch and just need an extra hand, to a full-time estimator, and everything in between.

When you utilize our Turn-Key Estimating service, you are getting the services of up to 3 employees, for the price of one estimate… *From Estimating* - *To Admin* - *To Follow Up* - *To Follow Through* - *To Close Out*

We never charge for consultations, or to look at a project you may be interested in, to provide a FREE cost quote. These services are always free of charge, so give us a call today at 800-816-9130 Ext. 2, or e-mail, us at, to discuss your own personal situation to see how we can be of service to you.

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