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Reading The Specifications....

Read The Specs!

Regardless of the estimate size or scope, the first thing we should always do is “Read The Specs!”

Estimating is a science, but more importantly, it is most accurate when we utilize a set of organizational skills that needs to take place from inception. We all get busy, but we must stay prudent in our structure and not skip any steps, regardless of how busy we are.

I know we all get those “Last Minute” bids that were handed to us by a solid client the we want to please, but if you do not have time to take all the necessary steps to ensure an accurate estimate, sometimes it is best to just pass.

Now there are simple jobs that don’t pose an issue, however the more complex the job gets, the more time we need to ensure accuracy. We never want to skip steps in our process, even if it is to please a client, because that can end up losing money, or being so overpriced, that we end up upsetting the client and potentially losing one.

At On Time Estimating we have systems and process’s in place to ensure accuracy and make sure that we are delivering the most comprehensive and accurate estimate we can, based off of the information we obtain. If you receive an estimate that you don’t have time to do, or maybe just need an extra set of eyes to review everything, give us a call today and let us assist you in your next winning job!


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