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Design Build Projects

With construction starts on an upswing, everyone is scrambling to keep up…. Architects, Engineers, GC’s and all the Sub Contractors..... Developers, Businesses and Individuals alike, are all trying to take advantage of opportunities as they are presented to them, and most of the time they need to make decisions fast.

What does this mean to us? It means that there will be more request for Design Build projects, as there will not be enough time, in some cases, to wait for the Engineers and Architects to complete a set of workable drawings.

Getting involved at the start of a DB project can be the difference of winning or losing the bid, as once you put the project together, your chances of the Architect, Engineer and Client wanting to work with you will increase, as you have become a critical part in the structure and planning process.

Remember, the more precise you are in your DB of the project, the more likely your chances of winning that bid are, as you will be the foundation of what the GC/Architect/Engineer, will ultimately bring back to the client for pricing.

At On Time Estimating we have over 30 years’ experience in developing these types of projects. We have formulated winning bids for our clients that have brought us something as simple as a hand drawn sketch, to CAD drawings.

We have the Experience and Knowledge base in our office, and staff, to assist you in getting involved in this very lucrative market known as Design Build Projects. Don’t pass up an opportunity to get involved in the next DB project, even if you aren’t exactly sure where to start, we can assist you and get you to the level where you will be confident in taking these types of projects on.

Once again, there is never a charge for us to review a project for you, and/or to have conversations with you, to get you comfortable enough to see if a project is a fit for you. Give us a call today at 800-816-9130 Ext. 2 for your Free, No Obligation, Cost Quote on this, or any other type of project, you may be interested in.


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