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These are busy times for all of us in the constructions industry, but we must not lose track of who we are, and most importantly, what are goals are that we set for ourselves. We need to take advantage of these times, however we need to stay focused on what we want to do, and what we can do, based upon the capabilities of our individual company.

When times are busy like this, we tend to become just a number amongst many others, and we don’t want to get lost in the paper trail of lost estimates. You need to focus in on your target jobs based upon price range, work force, time to completion, and many other factors.

At On Time Estimating we have over 30 years’ experience and knowledge in the industry to assist you in these financially impactful decisions. Although we are in the business of estimating projects, we will never just take on an estimate to make money. We are here to become your partner for the existence of your business, so we want you to succeed, and we want to assist you in developing a successful and profitable business, by utilizing our skills and knowledge in this industry.

Don’t get caught up in this accelerated growth in the industry because you are receiving multiple request to bid work. Have a plan in place… Accept the requests, but think about if it meets the accessibility and knowledge of your work force, and if you have the time and financial capability to handle the job. It is always a good practice to look at every project by thinking “What would happen if the job goes south?”........."Can I financially survive it?" .....If the answer is "NO," then pass on it, and move on to one that you can answer "YES" to that question. Slow growth, is less stressful growth.

Let On Time Estimating assist you in any of these endeavors. Remember, our knowledge and experience is free. We never charge for a phone call, to answer an e-mail, consultations, or to provide cost quotes to jobs you are interested in bidding. We want you to succeed, we want this industry to succeed, and we want it to continue to grow for the next generation, and all the others behind it!


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