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When trying to make a fiscal decision as to if it makes economic sense to hire an estimator, or another estimator, there are options to consider.

  • Will there be enough work after this busy time you’re going through for you to be able to afford to keep the estimator employed full time?

  • Are you a new company that needs assistance, but not sure if you are ready to take on the financial burden of a full time estimator?

  • Do you just need intermittent assistance for your current estimator(s) to deal with an influx of bid requests?

  • Does it make fiscal sense to take on the burden of a full time estimator?

These are just a few of the questions you may be asking yourself when trying to make this decision. You also have to take into account that if you hire this estimator, you take on that financial responsibility to make sure you have work for them to be able to provide a living for themselves and their family.

Owning your own company can be very rewarding, but it also carries many responsibilities, such as, you not only have to make fiscally responsible decisions for you and your family, but you also take on the responsibility of providing for your employees and their families as well.

At On Time Estimating we have over 30 experience and knowledge to assist you in these most important decisions. When you hire us you not only hire an estimator, you get an extension of your company that can assume the roles of 2 – 3 employees.

  • *From Estimating* - *To Admin* - *To Follow Up* - *To Follow Through* - *To Close Out*

So as you see, you are not only getting an estimate from us, you are receiving the services of another company, that is an extension to your own, but all within the confines under the umbrella of your company.

Contact On Time Estimating today for a Free, No Obligation Cost Quote for your next project, so you can make the most fiscally responsible decision for yourself, your company, your employees, and their families!


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