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Construction Outlook 2017

Things are looking up heading into the start of this new year, with all areas of construction heating up.

  • Residential

  1. Still has some headway to make, but the outlook with the new economy coming into office has speculated some uptick. Our most promising endeavors for this market will be the millennials, as they graduate from college, move out of Mom and Dad’s house and enter home ownership.

  • Commercial

  1. Warehouses

  2. As the online sector continues to expand into the virtual world, so does the need for large facilities to manage the growth

  3. Office Buildings

  4. As business expands, so does the need for space for operations. Look for a strong surge in this market space

  • Hotel/Motel

  1. Travel is up, and with such, so is a demand for availability. Construction stagnated for a bit, but has now picked back up to meet these demands

  • Manufacturing

  1. The new incoming White House Administration has already taken a stand to keep this sector in America. We have already seen several large companies staying and committing to spending millions of dollars on infrastructure and new facilities in America!

  • Assisted Living Facilities

  1. As growth spurs, so follows income, and with income growth, so follows the ability to take better care of our loved ones. Look for some growth in this sector. Not a boom, but an increase in new facilities

  • Schools

  1. As more and more millennials begin to marry and build a family, expect to see an increase in schools to meet the demand of the new residential growth spurt.

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