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Estimating Process – Hotel-Motel-Condo-High Rise-Multi Family

Your Next Project!

When preparing an estimate for these types of projects, one should spend some time thinking about how they want the work flow to go, before they start the estimate. There are many factors involved in this to prepare you for a successful winning bid, and more importantly, a profitable one! Many of our clients have a portfolio of these projects that are specifically tailored made for a particular work force that is hand-picked to be the most efficient they can be based on their knowledge. Some of our clients that do not have this type of work force, due to lack of availability or the ability to get many of these jobs, will hire an outside work force that is experienced in them. We can, and do, assist in this complete process for our clients.

The estimating process is substantially different for each situation and can be the difference of making a profit, or taking a bath! These are generally large projects and take time to complete and once you are into them, the last thing you want to do is have to go back to the estimate and figure out why you ran out of hours. It may not be as simple as the estimator made a mistake. Your estimator could be doing his/her job properly, but without the understanding of the work force and making accommodations for it, you can run out of hours and lose money… And potentially a LOT of money.

At On Time Estimating we have over 30 years’ experience in and out of the field working on projects as small as a SFR, all the way up to $25 MM+ High Rise and Multi Family complexes. Before you take on that next project give us a call to discuss it and allow us to assist you in making the most profitable decision for you and your company. Remember, we NEVER charge to look at a set of plans and/or take the time to discuss the project beforehand. Regardless of how much time you need from us, we will always be there for you!


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