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Estimating Accurately!

By now most of us use an estimating software, for those that don’t, with over 30 years’ experience in the industry, we remember those days ourselves with the colored markers, pencil, paper and rulers!

Being more productive and accurate to compete with your peers has brought about the most advanced, cutting edge estimating software in the industry, however, there is much more to it than just learning a piece of software being able to put together a competitive estimate. Field experience is second to none when it comes to being able to look at a set of plans and know how the project is put together, relative to how you estimate it.

Although the software programs out there have it down to a science, there is an advantage to having an estimator that has some field experience to better make that physical connection from plans to software. Having that field experience gives you an edge as to being able to look at a set of plans and finding alternative ways of installation, and being able to work around the software.

This can be as simple as using alternative production assemblies, or being able to create your own assemblies to give you the competitive edge in the bidding process.

At On Time Estimating we have over 30 years’ experience in and out of the field as former Electricians, PM’s, Estimators and Contractors, so when we provide you an estimate you can be sure it was covered from all angles to provide you the most competitive, yet profitable, estimating edge against your competition!

Contact us today for your Free, No Obligation, Cost Quote and join the On Time Estimating family and learn what others know, that with us you WILL win more profitable bids!

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