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Competition is fierce out there and you need a team of EXPERTS on your side that knows what it takes to WIN bids, and make a PROFIT!

At On Time Estimating we have over 30 years’ experience in, and out, of the field. We are former Electricians, PM's, Project Estimators and Contractors, that use our knowledge and experience to deliver to you the winning difference that will have you outshining the competition every time!

We have been estimating in all facets of the Electrical Industry, Line and Low Voltage, for over 30 years, all across this great Nation of ours! We are familiar with all local, municipal and NEC codes involved in the process, and if we have a question, we will contact your municipality to make sure we are accurate in our process.

Because of all our years of experience and knowledge in this industry, we are very familiar with your competition and what it takes to be competitive in your particular marketplace. Regardless if you are Union or Non Union, are a 1 person shop, or have 500 employees... We have estimated for all of these diverse companies and the projects they are involved in.

Now we don’t like to say we have done it all, but after over 30 years we like to say we have had our hands involved in just about every type of electrical project imaginable out there. We always stay at the forefront of updates, amendments and technological advancements, to make sure we can always provide the best possible service for our clients.

Don’t delay, give us a try today and experience the winning edge On Time Estimating can deliver to you on each and every estimate. Just send us a PDF set of the plans, access to an FTP site, or a Drop Box link with the plans in them, and we will provide you a Free No Obligation cost quote as what it would take to estimate your project. Our fees are very reasonable and competitive.

Contact us at, 800-816-9130 Ext. 1

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