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Estimating In Phases

When estimating a project that has multiple levels, floors, sections, etc... You can save yourself many lost hours, and dollars, by creating Segments, Phases, Sub Phases and Multiple Divisions in the process.

On Time Estimating will break down your estimate in multiple segments, as justified by the project at hand. When this is done properly, you can go back at any given point and itemize the sections so you can see your profit margins, and see where you are over or under hours, and material, based upon what crew you have performing what task.

This is an invaluable tool, not only for the job at hand, but in knowing whom to use for what projects and how to break up your worker fractions so you know how to optimize your profits, as well as your work force.

Some people have better comraderies as opposed to others, and in order to obtain your goals of maximizing your profitability, and keeping your workforce happy and performing at an optimal level, you need to be able to see how this all falls into place.

At On Time Estimating we can assist you in maximizing these levels on every job. By maximizing these aspects you will obtain better profits and a happier work force by utilizing everyone’s strengths to the benefit of all.

Contact us today at 800-816-9130, or to see how we can assist you in not only obtaining these goals, but continue to benefit your company on an ongoing basis.

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