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Getting New Clients!

Your web site can be one of your most powerful tools to getting new clients in the door, however most people forget one thing... Keep the Site Simple!

When current and prospective clients visit your website, you naturally want them to find what they’re looking for as quickly and easily as possible. That means streamlining your site navigation so it’s clear and concise. Typically, a website’s navigation should include several top-level categories (including About Us, Contact Us, Blog, Our Services, etc.) that reflect the content on each page.

Many website owners (and designers) overwork their sites in an effort to make them stand out visually, which leads to overly busy, distracting sites. It’s not necessary to accost your site’s visitors with flashing lights and messages or animated gifs in order to stand out and build your business.

Aim for classic simplicity and allow your visitors to focus on your site’s content and your brand and services – don’t dazzle and confuse them with flashy, confusing gimmicks. Simplicity, not clutter, in site design is key to engaging future customers.

Your key points — in text, images and/or videos – should be prominent, but not overwhelming, especially on your landing page. Try to create “room” between each element by scattering images and text throughout all the pages and categories. Cramming too much information, visual or otherwise, instantly makes a site more difficult to navigate and digest.

When you get those clients and need a winning estimate...

On Time Estimating is here to assist you!

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