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  • How much are your fees?

    1. Our fees are based upon the size and scope of the project, so we would need to review the plans to determine this. Please click HERE to E-Mail us the plans or access to an FTP site for review. If the file is too large, please upload them to drop Box and send us a link. You can do so at

    2. Please keep in mind, there is NEVER a charge to review a project. All quotes are free, with no obligations or commitments 


  • Are there any contracts to sign or long term commitments?

    1. No. You pay on a job by job basis and only for the job at hand. We don’t charge by the hour, ask for large deposits, or ask you to purchase pricey packages that lock you into more than just the job you want us to do. We give you a flat rate for the job. No one wants to get locked into a long term commitment until they are confident it will be money well spent, or having to wonder if they are getting overcharged when they have to pay by the hour.

    2. If the situation dictates that you want to hire us for a long term commitment, or you just need some consulting, we can make those arrangements at that time.  


  • Can I pay with a credit or debit card?

    1. Yes, we accept both forms of payment.


  • What areas do you work in?

    1. We are a National Electrical Estimating Firm that works all over the country. We are familiar with NEC and all local municipal codes. If we have a question we will contact the municipality at hand to get an answer. 


  • Do you bid the same job to multiple contractors?

    1. No. Once you engage our firm for the job at hand you would be the only client to get a proposal for that job. If we were approached by someone else, we would tell them we are already bidding that job for another client. 


  • What types of electrical work do you estimate?

    1. We estimate all Divisions of Electrical work, High, Medium and Low Voltage, including Fire Alarm, Tele/Data, Communications, Security, Card Access, Nurse Call and more. 


  • What is your turn around time?

    1. One of our first questions we always ask a client is “When is the bid due date?” Once we know this we can take a realistic approach to see if there is enough time to receive the proper quotes from your vendors to put together a complete estimate. Remember, our goal for every estimate is to be “On Time – Every Time” We would not commit to an estimate that we didn’t think there was enough time to complete on time. 


  • What estimating software do you use?

    1. We are proficient in the industry’s most popular estimating software’s. We can provide you complete PDF breakdowns as intricate as you want, we can e-mail you the estimate in a file format for you to upload to your system, or we can put it in an Excel Format for you to manipulate the outcome to match your needs. 


  • What kind of estimate will I receive?

    1. Click HERE to be taken to our estimate page for further details.

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