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Outsource Electrical Estimator Tasks in California

If you’re an electrical contractor in California, you know the importance of providing accurate electrical estimates when bidding on a project. Whether you’re unsure how to perform an estimate or your team simply doesn’t have the time, you may want to outsource electrical estimator tasks for your company. That’s where On Time Estimating can help.


At On Time Estimating, we provide thorough and accurate electrical estimates in a timely manner so that you can submit your project bids as soon as possible.

Work With Professional Electrical Estimators

Our estimators boast over 30 years of experience in the electrical field and neighboring lines of work. Because our estimators come from different contracting backgrounds, they can provide a well-rounded estimation that considers non-electrical factors in a project that will still affect your role and the services you provide. Whether you’re rewiring an old home or handling the electric work for a new office building, we’ll provide an accurate estimate.

Our estimates will not only allow you to submit a bid but also optimize your own bottom line. Our estimates will tell you exactly how much time and what supplies you’ll need to complete a project, so you don’t have to worry about using overly expensive materials or performing redundant tasks.

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