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Outsource Estimator Questions

When hiring an outsource estimator there are many factors to look at, other than the actual cost of the estimate. Some people look at the number and think it’s too expensive, however if you compare it to all costs you incur for that estimate, you will see it is a very economical way to go.

At On Time Estimating we provide you several options for each estimate. For more information on this you can visit our web site When you review these figures you need to compare them to your actual costs of what it takes to perform the estimate. If you had to do the estimate in house, here are some of the actual cost you may incur.

1) The cost of the estimators hourly/annual salary. 2) Benefits – Paid Vacations, Holidays, Sick Days. 3) Your matching share of Taxes, 401 K’s and other benefit packages, to name a few.

Now on top of all of this, you have other internal staff to think about. 1) Management. 2) Clerical. 3) Administration. 4) Follow Up, and more. Now you need to take all of the benefits of the estimator and add them to all of the other staff involved in performing this estimate.

If you take the time to run these actual costs, you can see that an outsource estimator can be a very viable and extremely cost effective option. We want to be your go to company to lend a hand and get you through those times when it is just too much to handle with your current staff, but you are not ready to take on the additional costs of another estimator, and to provide an added benefit to your company and assist you in times of need.

That can be from an estimator being on vacation, your shorthanded, too busy to handle the estimates you want to, or you may be a new company and/or a small shop and don’t want the added expense of a full time estimator. Regardless of the situation. On Time Estimating is here to assist you in any way we can. Give us a try and experience the winning difference as we assist you to bring in more winning and profitable bids!

800-816-9130 Ext. 2

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