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Estimating process’s in place… What works, and what doesn’t

Every aspect involved in successfully managing a business, has a process in place. This goes for estimating too. You don’t want to just keep estimating projects without a process in place to measure your success ratios as to what works, what doesn’t and most importantly, was it profitable. Without a process in place you could be throwing good money at bad, by not knowing several key factors. What types of jobs are you proficient at? Don’t go after a job that your estimator(s) may not be familiar with. This goes for your work force as well, for if they are not familiar with the installation, it won’t match the estimated hours and/or materials Have you tracked what jobs you were successful at?

Bid submitted. Now what?

There is so much more that goes into building a relationship with the GC, other than submitting your bid and moving on to the next one. You need to think of the GC like you think of your client base, which is to build a long-lasting relationship. How do we do that? Several ways…. When you are invited to submit a bid, don’t just become another number, get to know the GC. If possible, ask for a face to face meeting at their office, or a lunch. After all, we all have to eat at some point in the day. If nothing else, a conference call is a step in the right direction to meet the decision makers. Do some research on the company before you have this meeting with them. Get to know the staff and the


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