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Why use our services?

Let’s take the example of how we can save you large amounts of money in the estimating process. The average estimator makes between $60,000 - $100,000 You get our entire staff for about half that cost, or around $50,000 That would equate to roughly about $5,000,000 of projects estimated each year If you get 50% of those bids, you win $ 2,500,000 of work Taking an average profit margin 10% on $ 2,500,000, you would make $250,000 and you would have only spent around $50,000, or a 500% ROI You also eliminate the training and turnover ratio of an in house estimator, which can add an additional 10%+ to the estimator’s salary Now let’s compare that to hiring a new estimator: Even at an entry level

This could be the view from your new office!

Now offering paid Internships for Electrical Estimators of all experience. We will train you and you get you on your path to a new and exciting career in the Electrical Industry! Regardless if you are new to the industry, or maybe looking to get out of the field and into the office, we will consider all applicants. Administration positions are also available. Please e-mail your resume to


With school at an end and summer vacations just getting started, vacation time will be on the board for you and your team. Don't let that stand in the way of keeping up with the busy times, and missing an opportunity to bid the jobs you really want. Let us fill in for you and take that burden off your hands! We can provide assistance when and where you need it. From assisting your estimator(s), to providing you a complete Turn - Key estimate, with all the breakouts and a proposal, listing inclusions and exclusions. Contact us today for a FREE, no obligation cost quote to see how we may be of assistance to you and your team!


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