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Many firms have come to grips with several realities that this industry has created for them: They can’t keep up with the work load that this industry boom has created. They are not in a fiscal position to take on an estimator, or another estimator on staff. They need to satisfy the needs of their existing client base that kept them afloat during slow times, but now with busy times, they are having a hard time doing so. They want to grow, and now is the time to do so, but the existing internal staff is not set up to take that leap to an expanded work load. These, and many other reasons, are all part of those annoying growing pains we all go through. At On Time Estimating we have the knowledg

Reading The Specifications....

Read The Specs! Regardless of the estimate size or scope, the first thing we should always do is “Read The Specs!” Estimating is a science, but more importantly, it is most accurate when we utilize a set of organizational skills that needs to take place from inception. We all get busy, but we must stay prudent in our structure and not skip any steps, regardless of how busy we are. I know we all get those “Last Minute” bids that were handed to us by a solid client the we want to please, but if you do not have time to take all the necessary steps to ensure an accurate estimate, sometimes it is best to just pass. Now there are simple jobs that don’t pose an issue, however the more complex the j


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