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When trying to make a fiscal decision as to if it makes economic sense to hire an estimator, or another estimator, there are options to consider. Will there be enough work after this busy time you’re going through for you to be able to afford to keep the estimator employed full time? Are you a new company that needs assistance, but not sure if you are ready to take on the financial burden of a full time estimator? Do you just need intermittent assistance for your current estimator(s) to deal with an influx of bid requests? Does it make fiscal sense to take on the burden of a full time estimator? These are just a few of the questions you may be asking yourself when trying to make this decisio

Stop GUESStimating!

Estimating is a game of inches, and when it comes to a winning bid, inches can translate in tens of thousands of dollars, and the difference between winning or losing that bid. Many techniques are used for estimating…. Some still look at a job and compare it to other jobs they did and put a number together that way, others use the old method of rulers and colored pencils, and the rest tend to use an estimating software. Most software’s have on screen take offs that can be utilized, and can be most helpful, but to maximize these methods it is most beneficial to have field experience. One of our newest clients wanted to compare our estimate to his, so he had us and his estimator take off the s

Construction Outlook 2017

Things are looking up heading into the start of this new year, with all areas of construction heating up. Residential Still has some headway to make, but the outlook with the new economy coming into office has speculated some uptick. Our most promising endeavors for this market will be the millennials, as they graduate from college, move out of Mom and Dad’s house and enter home ownership. Commercial Warehouses As the online sector continues to expand into the virtual world, so does the need for large facilities to manage the growth Office Buildings As business expands, so does the need for space for operations. Look for a strong surge in this market space Hotel/Motel Travel is up, and with

Prosperity in 2017!

We like to start by thanking all of our clients for making 2016 a successful year, and giving us the opportunity to make it a successful and prosperous year for you as well! In 2017 we want to continue that success for our loyal client base and extend an invitation to humbly request an opportunity to be of service to those that we have not had the honor to work with yet. Let On Time Estimating be your go to Estimating firm for 2017 and many years to come! We can provide part time, full time and contract estimating services for you when you are shorthanded, looking to break into a new market and need a hand, a new company that is not ready to take on the payroll burden of an in house estimato


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