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Outsource Estimator Questions

When hiring an outsource estimator there are many factors to look at, other than the actual cost of the estimate. Some people look at the number and think it’s too expensive, however if you compare it to all costs you incur for that estimate, you will see it is a very economical way to go. At On Time Estimating we provide you several options for each estimate. For more information on this you can visit our web site When you review these figures you need to compare them to your actual costs of what it takes to perform the estimate. If you had to do the estimate in house, here are some of the actual cost you may incur. 1) The cost of the estimators hourl

Estimating Process – Hotel-Motel-Condo-High Rise-Multi Family

When preparing an estimate for these types of projects, one should spend some time thinking about how they want the work flow to go, before they start the estimate. There are many factors involved in this to prepare you for a successful winning bid, and more importantly, a profitable one! Many of our clients have a portfolio of these projects that are specifically tailored made for a particular work force that is hand-picked to be the most efficient they can be based on their knowledge. Some of our clients that do not have this type of work force, due to lack of availability or the ability to get many of these jobs, will hire an outside work force that is experienced in them. We can, and do,

Miscellaneous Material Prices

Commodity prices continue to rise, for various reasons, Copper, Steel, Aluminum, Etc. and you need to be prepared as to how these can dramatically affect your proposal pricing. These all have an impact on our bottom line, especially if we let our estimates age and do not make accommodations for the rising prices when a client does not accept our proposal for an extended period of time. At On Time Estimating we always factor in a 30 day price expiration on our proposals, so if prices rise, your client is aware that the cost of the proposal may also rise if they wait longer than 30 days to accept your proposal. Depending on the size of the job this can have a significant impact on your profit


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