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Competition is fierce out there and you need a team of EXPERTS on your side that knows what it takes to WIN bids, and make a PROFIT! At On Time Estimating we have over 30 years’ experience in, and out, of the field. We are former Electricians, PM's, Project Estimators and Contractors, that use our knowledge and experience to deliver to you the winning difference that will have you outshining the competition every time! We have been estimating in all facets of the Electrical Industry, Line and Low Voltage, for over 30 years, all across this great Nation of ours! We are familiar with all local, municipal and NEC codes involved in the process, and if we have a question, we will contact your mun

Estimating In Phases

When estimating a project that has multiple levels, floors, sections, etc... You can save yourself many lost hours, and dollars, by creating Segments, Phases, Sub Phases and Multiple Divisions in the process. On Time Estimating will break down your estimate in multiple segments, as justified by the project at hand. When this is done properly, you can go back at any given point and itemize the sections so you can see your profit margins, and see where you are over or under hours, and material, based upon what crew you have performing what task. This is an invaluable tool, not only for the job at hand, but in knowing whom to use for what projects and how to break up your worker fractions so yo

Calculating Profit & Overhead

When finalizing your estimate, your Profit and Overhead percentages are a critical line item to determine what your company needs to make in order to make a profit and grow. There are many factors that go into these numbers that need to be considered, and every company is a little different. Some of these factors are: Worker Fractions Size of your company, both in and out of the field. This is considered your “Productive” and “Non-Productive” Labor Your growth ratios, that were considered in your business plan, or just your own personal goals. Geographical location of job’s Types of job Your Competition Etc… At On Time Estimating we have over 30 years’ experience in calculating these factors


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